Simple systems to help you expand your traditional and social media coverage and create and foster direct client contact.


See your business grow with a major corporation's marketing toolkit that has been tailored for retail pharmacies.


Our easy-to-use features will plug you in to the way major corporate firms conduct their marketing in no-time.

Never Lose a Task

Our 'To-do List' organises your entire life for you! Once you set goals and tasks they'll be listed in a rotating system that helps improve productivity by over 100% in tested cases.

Organize Campaigns

Use the secret tool of the world's greatest PR gurus with our campaign management system. This project-management feature will help you to organise, set and realise your marketing goals - making sales and PR easy and fun!

Press Releases & Newsletters

Design, write and send quality press releases and newsletters that are guaranteed to catch people's attention and grow your media and market share. AllMyPr gives you to tools and templates and guides you to success in the marketplace.

Manage your Contacts

Our 'contact management system' is second to none on this planet! We help you to grow and manage a media and customer contact base and show you how to sub-divide contacts for targeted media campaigns.


Sign up right away to our premium membership rate and enjoy a master level marketing tool,
with a full AllMyPr support system, worth €1000s for as little €150 per year!

49€ Monthly

  • No Press Releases Limit
  • Premium Features
  • Support Team

499€ Yearly

  • Save 20%
  • No Press Releases Limit
  • Premium Features
  • Support Team

NEWS is helping thousands of businesses to think and act BIG daily - join us now and watch your business grow!

First Beta Released!


AllMyPR revolutionises the retail pharmacies world by created a marketing and communications software package that helps SMEs to think and act big, by providing an easy-to-use multi-national marketing management system for as little as €150 per year.

Share your Stories on your Company profile!


AllMyPr allows you to feed your new company profile sharing relevant an epic stories to share with your customers

Choose a Template


We are so happy to announce that now you can choose a professionals templates to build your own posts and press releases

Welcome Campaigns!


AllMyPr breaks new ground with our 'Campaigns Module' that now provides the best marketing project management system on the web to our users.
Each project is broken up into targeted tasks, which flow into your To-do list at the touch of a button and integrates with both social and traditional media outlets.

Support Tutorials


The best feature of all is our weekly e-tutorial, with tips from our expert team on how to run effective marketing campaigns. We'll give you the secrets that the world's PR gurus hold close and help you to grow your business.

Press Release Feature Available


Our guided press release feature will help both PROs and newbies to the marketing world to write and present professionally designed press releases with embedded images to your growing list of media contacts. This feature also allows you to send designed newsletters to your clients.


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